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Repairs to a flat roof in Belfast or installations of a flat roofs are services that Belfast Roofing can help you with. A flat roof is often outfitted with membrane roofing. The membrane creates a sealed roof so that no water enters or passes through to the building. Most membrane roofs are made from rubber, PVC, or bitumen. The goal is to have one single sheet of the membrane cover the entire surface of a building’s flat roof.

At Belfast Roofing, we are experts in using a type of membrane roofing called Trocal roofing. Our Trocal roofing services are available for new buildings, green roofs, and refurbishing existing flat roofs.

Speed, choice, and efficiency are at the core of the Sika-Trocal concept. It is important to note that our Trocal roofing contractors can optimise Trocal roofing for buildings that do not have flat roofs. Designed to enable the delivery of buildings with low maintenance roofs and better environmental performance, Sika-Trocal utilises lightweight, durable, and flexible membranes to ensure a fast, safe, and economical installation process. Our experience show that it is suitable for most forms of roof – including flat, pitched, curved, and even vertical surfaces.

Belfast Roofing is your go-to company for hiring a Trocal roofing contractor. We can assure you that you will have access to:

  • Customer backed Trocal roof specialists: Belfast Roofing gains most of its customers through word-of-mouth. We have been actively installing, repairing, and refurbishing roofs in Belfast, Newtownabbey, and across Northern Ireland for 25 years. We have the experience you are looking for when it comes to complex installations.
  • Emergency services: Storms are unavoidable in Northern Ireland. We have a dedicated team for responding to storm damage, and have a 24-Hour Call-Out service to deal with urgent emergency roofing repairs. We are guaranteed to show up promptly when you call us.
  • Safety trained crew members: Roofs can be dangerous spaces for work, but Belfast Roofing’s Trocal flat roof contractors are CSR registered and have the equipment necessary to get the job done safely. All team members have had to go through stringent vetting procedures in order to comply with health and safety policies. This means that as our customer, you will not have to worry about your liability.

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Belfast Roofing provides all our customers with a free, no-obligation quote of the cost of installing or repairing a Trocal roof. Our friendly suggestion is that you come to us with any repairs that your Trocal roof might require to prevent further damage or cost-intensive repairs.

Call us on 02890 844 368 (07739 138577 for emergencies) or fill out a form here to speak our friendly Trocal roofing contractors in Belfast.

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