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Chimney Repairs, Rebuilds & Maintenance

Chimney rebuilds and regular maintenance are necessities in order to prevent the build-up of combustion gases and fumes like carbon monoxide. Specific areas of the chimney – such as the chimney breast – extend into your living area and should be monitored for adequate ventilation of smoke. A well-functioning chimney keeps your family safe and sound throughout the seasons. Chimneys also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your home; for example, the extension at the very top of chimneys, called chimney pots and covered by chimney pot cowls, are more suitable for certain building styles.

Belfast Roofing Services provides chimney repairs across Northern Ireland for your safety and to help preserve the visual attractiveness of buildings in our area. We are experts in matching your chimney style to the requirements of your home and have frequently taken down and rebuilt chimney stacks of all shapes and sizes. Fitting and supplying lead trays and all aspects of lead flashing for all types of chimneys are additional features of our offered services.

We pride ourselves in our well-trained chimney builders who can address:

  • Chimney repointing, should the external mortar joints of your chimney need renewal
  • Chimney flue replacements, should problems occur with the flow of smoke from the inside to the outside of your building  
  • Chimney stack repairs, should you find that your chimney stack has lost integrity or contains a hole
  • Chimney stack removal, should you find that your chimney stack is no longer functional or required
  • Chimney breast removal, should the protrusion of the chimney or fireplace into your home become bothersome. We note that this process creates debris and fine air-borne dust particulates since the chimney breast is found inside the building. We assure you that our professional services includes sealing off the room containing the chimney from the rest of the property.
Chimney Repairs Belfast

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Your Go-To Chimney Repair Experts in Belfast

At Belfast Roofing Services, we have 30 years of experience as chimney specialists. All our surveyors are fully qualified to provide a thorough investigation with a no-obligation quote. We are safety trained and can provide 24-hour emergency services, so you can move forward with your chimney replacement project without worry. Some aspects of degraded chimneys are hard to catch without an expert eye – we encourage the use of our services to help you find problems with your chimney before they turn into bigger issues that might require a total chimney rebuild.

However, should you require a complete chimney rebuild, our in-house team can take care of all your needs from chimney flue replacements, chimney stack repairs, to refitting chimney pots.

Call us on 02890 844 368 (07739 138577 for emergencies) or fill out a form here and hire a team of experts for chimney repairs in Belfast.

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