Roof Maintenance

Regular Roof Maintenance Maintains the Integrity of Your Building

All Aspects of Roof Repair & Maintenance

Major roof repairs can be unaffordable, difficult to complete without inconveniencing the occupants of your property and can take months to finish. We at Belfast Roofing are fully qualified to install a new roof, but we suggest that you prevent the need for such a large-scale undertaking by investing in timely, professional roof maintenance services.

Inspections and repairs of roofs – including flat roofs – are some of the many services we are happy to provide. Gutters, chimneys, dormers, fascia, soffits, downspouts, and skylights are areas we pay special attention to during our roof maintenance services. We will check for loose debris, moss, and mould. Roof moss removal, involving the spraying of the surface with a cleaner and then gently brushing the area, is a cost-effective method for roof maintenance. We generally do not use power washers for maintenance, since this might wear out protectants that have been applied to your roof. However, we do have power washers on hand in case your roof requires more thorough cleaning.

Our service primarily involves the cleaning of roof surfaces and waterways on a regular basis. This will ensure that your roof surfaces are clean and that your gutters are unhindered, which in turn will allow water to escape from critical areas on your roof. We provide all our customers with a Report of Condition, backed up by photographic evidence, so you can see for yourselves the defects which we hope to pinpoint at an early stage.

In our regular roof assessment and maintenance programme, Belfast Roofing Services offers honest advice and a planned solution to maintaining the waterproof integrity of your building.

Our roof maintenance services include:

  • Long term planning and roof longevity strategy
  • Flat and pitch roof repairs
  • Emergency repairs
  • Regular servicing and on-going integrity assessment
  • Work with your existing facility management team on planned works and maintenance
  • No-obligation quote for roof maintenance cost

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Proof of Work.

We proudly offer proof of our work.

You will bew able to see photos of works undertaken before you pay

  • Complete piece of mind
  • See all jobs completed
  • Perfect for eiderly relatives
  • Complete transparency
  • Standard on all jobs
  • You see the photos before paying

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As you are no doubt aware, most insurance policies do not cover the cost of water damage and remedial works necessitated by lack of maintenance and repair works. Many of our customers have suffered the disruption and cost of wet and dry rot caused by water leakage from hard-to-spot cracks in their roofs. We urge you to consider that these issues can easily be prevented with a regular planned cleaning and maintenance programme with Belfast Roofing.

Additionally, we recognise the need for emergency roof maintenance after storm damage and are very prompt in sending out our team in such events.

Call us on 02890 844 368 (07739 138577 for emergencies) or fill out a form here to work with Belfast’s most knowledgeable experts on roof maintenance.

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