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With the constant wear and tear that roofs are subjected to due to their exposure to the elements, damage can quickly occur to this component of buildings. Commercial roof repairs are a speciality of ours at Belfast Roofing, with the recognition that businesses have specific requirements during roofing projects. You may require our emergency services since roofing issues like leaks can be major disruptors to business flow, and we can assure you that you can continue providing services while our refurbishment or cleaning is carried out.

Companies can save thousands of pounds by properly maintaining their gutters and roofs to prevent leaks and mould growth. Our friendly crew members are the best in the trade of commercial roofing companies and can offer a no-obligation consultation.

Contact us to learn more about our commercial roofing services, some of which we have listed below.

  • Commercial roof replacement and construction: We have CSR registered roofers who can carry out all industrial roofing projects from start to finish. Premises with dim lighting can also be addressed by changing or cleaning your existing roof lights. Let us know your requirements and we will ensure that they are carried out with our expertise and access to new materials from leading manufacturers, such as interlocking tiles and solar roofing.
  • Commercial flat roofing: Since many commercial roofs are flat, we use the best roofing material to assure that they last as long as possible (10-15 years). These roofs also need to be waterproofed with care, a service which we can provide.
  • Commercial metal roofing: The biggest appeal of metal roofs is in their energy savings. Moreover, some businesses are attracted to this option by the available colour variations. We have decades of experience with the industry that supplies metal roofing products and can make sure our clients are exposed to the wide range of options for metal roofs.
  • Commercial gutter repair: We offer gutter maintenance year round, which in the long run can save your company from having to deal with the costs of leaks and/or flooding. Faulty gutters can also lead to rotting fascia/soffits and costly paintjobs to fix the damage caused by leaking water. Set these worries aside by replacing your fascia, soffits, barge board, guttering or cladding with low maintenance PVC-U building products.

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All our commercial roofing specialists at Belfast Roofing are safety trained, as we acknowledge that roofing projects come with physical risks. We have access to equipment that keeps us out of harm’s way, and therefore can assure that your company can move forward with commercial roof maintenance without worrying over any liabilities.

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