Belfast Roofing Services take down and rebuild chimney stacks of all shapes and sizes

With our own in house lead specialists team, we fit and supply lead trays and all aspects of lead flashing for all types of chimneys

We also remove chimney stacks, repoint and do extensive maintenance to chimney stacks.

Cowls supplied and fitted or removed
Chimney pots supplied, installed or removed
Chimneys dropped, capped or reinstated
Chimney stacks repaired

Chimney repair experts

We are chimney repair specialists that have expertise in investigation and repair work of all types of chimneys. Contact us if your chimney is in need of repair or refurbishment from the experts.

At Belfast Roofing Services we have been repairing chimneys for 30 years. Our experienced teams of fully qualified surveyors will provide a full investigation, chimney maintenance and repair to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently.

The importance of your chimney

At Belfast Roofing Services our chimney services will protect you, your family and your building from the hazards and problems linked to faulty chimneys.

As your chimney ages, regular maintenance and repair are essential to ensure all combustion gases and fumes, including carbon monoxide, are extracted safely and your chimney remains efficient and robust.